Monday, September 7, 2009

A Silly Post - Pokemon!

Well, I'm back at school which means that I've had a little less time for updating lately, but I haven't stopped drawing! I thought about posting some of the drawings around campus I've been doing lately, but since I have a lot of drawings of the campus up here already, I thought maybe I'd change it up and post something else.

This is a little... nerdy of me, but part of the RA job is to make nametags on the doors for all of my residents. People pick a lot of different themes for them, and for mine I decided on Pokemon, which I'm pretty much obsessed with. I did twenty-two really quick acrylic and pen drawings of different Pokemon and assigned each one to one of my residents. Quality-wise I'm not sure about them, some came out better than others, but I had so much fun making them that I figured I'd post them anyway. So, here they are:

(Don't forget to click on the image if you want to see a bigger version)

Bulbasaur: Ruairidh

Charmander: Mike

Chikorita: Caitlyn

Clefairy: Olivia

Cyndaquil: Aaron

Eevee: Daniel

Ekans: Sean

Gastly: Peter

Koffing: Graham

Larvitar: Andrew

Mareep: Sarah

Oddish: Chantal

Pikachu: Cleme

Poliwag: Azhar

Sentret: Anna

Slowpoke: Oresti

Squirtle: Cody

Tentacool: Hyuk-Gi

Togepi: Sasha

Totodile: Ben

Vulpix: Erin

Wooper: Briar