Saturday, April 25, 2009

Campus, Watercolors, and More Trees

I'm baaack. I had hoped my next post would be a little sooner than this, but finals are breathing down my neck, and I'm freaking out just the slightest bit getting ready. I have a lot of stuff I need to get done before then and I haven't really had time to update, I suppose. But as it's the weekend, I can take some time in between assignments to post a few things I've been doing in my sketchbooks.

The weather has been absolutely beautiful lately, which I'm sooo grateful for, because it means I can go outside to draw! I really do like drawing this campus. I think I should probably go off campus next time I want to draw though, since I've got a lot of drawings of the same buildings and things lately. Maybe after finals.

Make sure to click on the images if you want to see them bigger!

So here's the library. It's been a little while since I last used watercolors - for the most part I've just been doing quick pen drawings, and I really missed them. I wanted to see how little I could get away with describing and still have this drawing read well, and I think I accomplished that. It's got some weight to it, too, which is good, since it's something I have some trouble with when I'm drawing architecture.

I told you I draw trees a lot. I'm not sure if this is as strong as my tree drawings usually are or not, but I do think it's got some dimension to it. I have plans to do this drawing again with my tablet and make a poster out of it for my Illustration class, so expect to see it again.

And here's the cafeteria. My whole class was in here drawing for Methods and Media, the idea was to get a drawing with multiple figures and a sense of space. This is definitely my favorite drawing I did in there, I like the shapes, and I feel like the figures have weight even though I drew them pretty simply.

Here's something else we did for Methods. We were in the library, had to follow one person around and draw them in motion, you know, every time they moved just draw right over the first drawing. I am really, really happy with how this came out - it's got so much movement and it draws your eye all over the page, which is something I have trouble accomplishing with pen drawings. I think I should do more drawings like this one, it really forced me to look at and treat the drawing in a different way than I normally would.

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